Enhanced Aero, LLC, is a turbo-prop conversion company focusing on the new PT6A-52 engine conversion for the Hawker Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 series aircraft, called the new B200GTO. With the -52 conversion, the B200GTO will enhance your aircraft with 305+ knots!  Our conversion features two new Pratt & Whitney, PT6A-52 engines with full factory warranty; speed; a reduction in maintenance costs, increased performance; increased value above the cost of the conversion-all with a simple bolt-on installation- and all for a price that is comparative to engine overhaul. This engine was built especially for the new King Air Beechcraft B200GT, and is faster  and more powerful than any other PT6 engine on the market.

In addition to the GTO engine conversion, we also offer McCauley 4 and 5 blade propellers, BLR winglets, Raisbeck products, as well as a luxury interior conversion from our interior company, Interiors by Brazil. Please visit the interior website at interiorsbybrazil.com. The new interior is a complete new interior, not just a re-upholstery job. 

Within an incredible down time of only 4 weeks, one can complete the -52 engine conversion, install the new McCauley Propellers, install BLR winglets, upgrade with Raisbeck packages,and install the complete new interior, all at a very competitive price.

Grady O'Hara, President, has over 35 years experience, not only as a pilot, but also in the aviation business, having specialized in engine conversions for the Beech King Air.  Enhanced Aero has decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience, as well as after-the-sale support.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.